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Our Voice Freiburg

Our Voice Freiburg

The Voice of the Invisibles
Adlerstraße 12, 79098 Freiburg
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At the Grethergelände at Radio Dreyeckland


Our Voice is the voice of refugees in Freiburg and its surroundings on Radio Dreyeckland.

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In our broadcast we want to show that we are more than "just" refugees. We collect the diverse stories of those people who had to flee and now live in Germany. Refugees tell about their experiences during fleeing, their problems of arriving in Germany, and also about their everyday life. In addition, we report on current socio-political developments about flight, asylum, migration and current events on the subject in Freiburg and in the region.

The program is aimed at refugees and Germans. We broadcast in many languages ​​that belong to Germany: in German, English, French, Arabic, Kurdish, Persian, Turkish ...
Our editorial office is open for further refugees even without journalistic previous knowledge - so that the invisible become audible!
If you are interested write us: ourvoice [at]!

Broadcast: Every 1, 2. and 4. Wednesday in the month at 4 pm