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هێمن چیرۆکی ۳مانگ بۆگه‌شتن به‌ئه‌ڵمانیا ده‌گێڕێته‌وه‌/Hemn Mohammad's journey to Germany


چیرۆکی ۳مانگ ڕێگه‌ بۆگه‌شتن به‌ئه‌ڵمانیا
هێمن محه‌مه‌د په‌نابه‌رێکی کوردستانی عیراقه‌ له‌ئێستادا له‌ئه‌ڵمانیا نیشته‌جێیه له‌دیدارێکدا بۆ پڕۆگرامی ده‌نگی ئێمه‌ له‌رادیۆی درایئێکلاند چیرۆکی ۳مانگی برسێتی و تینوێتی مانه‌وه‌ی چه‌نین له‌جه‌نگه‌ڵ و ترس ده‌گێڕێته‌وه‌ بۆگه‌شتن به‌ئه‌ڵمانیا. 
باس له‌وه‌ده‌کات نزیکه‌ی ۸ولاتی بڕیوه‌ به‌پێ و ده‌ڵێت: سه‌ره‌تای گه‌شته‌که‌م له‌تورکیاوه‌ بۆیۆنان ده‌ستی پێکرد دوای ساڵێک له‌یۆنان بڕیارمدا بۆخۆم به‌ره‌و ئه‌ڵمانیا به‌رێکه‌وم، وڵات به‌وڵات رێگه‌م گرته‌به‌... له‌م لینکه‌دا گوێبیستی ته‌واوی دیداره‌که‌به‌...


Hemn Mohamad from Kurdistan Iraq lives in Germany since one year. He was a guest in Our Voice where he detailed his journey to Germany. In this interview, he says that he crossed 8 countries. His first stop was in Turkey where he spent 14 days and then moved on to Greece for nearly one year. It was hard to live there as a migrant. That is why he decided to move to Germany. But he did not go straight to Germany. He passed by Albania (2 days), Montenegro (5 days), Bosnia Herzegovina (1 month), Croatia (10 days), Slovenia (2 days), Italy (1 week) before finally reaching Germany. The difficult living conditions in these countries made him not want to stay there. Now, he just wishes to get a working permit in order for him to work and he also wants to learn the german culture.


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